New Media Update for “OWA”

Since it’s an outdoor venue, I won’t be using a PowerPoint or a handout for tonight’s talk with the Oahu Wedding Association (OWA). It will be a true test of my ability to cover new media for small businesses in 30 minutes. Yikes!

Typically, we provide a number of resources. Here are some of our favorites:

Better Business Bureau Small Business Advice: Five Tips for Ensuring Social Media Success in 2010 (Guide to social media)

Social Media Club Hawaii

OWA is doing some good things online:

OWA website

OWA blog

OWA Facebook Fan Page

Hope you find this discussion useful. Please post a comment to our blog and let us know.

Jill Easley (Terrie Easley Designs) took this clip from tonight’s presentation on my prop (Flip video camera):

Aloha, BAP



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2 responses to “New Media Update for “OWA”

  1. Hi Barbara,
    I enjoyed your presentation very much.
    Precise and solid information. There are some of us that are current with technology and some of us who are not. Hearing your program tells us that as small businesses, we can not afford not to be on top of the social media network.


  2. Barbara,
    Thanks so much for your informative presentation.
    I would have to agree with you on the social media/internet contribution. I have embraced all of it from the beginning of my career, all of 3 yrs.

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